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Lewisham Deptford MP celebrates 60 years of support for children - 09 August 2006
Joan Ruddock MP today joined a leading charity in celebrating 60 years of support for children. The Lewisham Deptford MP and the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) are marking the anniversary of child benefit, and its predecessor family allowances, which were first paid in August 1946.

No increase in night flights over Lewisham - 09 May 2006
Local MP helps win concessions on the Civil Aviation Bill Lewisham Deptford MP Joan Ruddock yesterday helped win concessions from the Government to ensure there will be no increase in night flights to London airports for at least the next six years.

Joan Ruddock MP is urging Lewisham Deptford residents to nominate their community’s local heroes for recognition through the Nationwide Awards for Voluntary Endeavour.

Joan Ruddock MP celebrates milestone in regeneration of Brockley Cross - 17 February 2006
Next week work will begin on creating a new ‘Brockley Common’ as part of wider plans to regenerate Brockley station and the surrounding area. Phase one of the project includes clearing the site, establishing a wildlife area and new landscaping and planting around the station.

Labour Party celebrates 100 years in Parliament - 14 February 2006
Lewisham Deptford MP and party members this week celebrated the election of a Labour member of parliament for Deptford in 1906.

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Lewisham Deptford MP celebrates 60 years of support for children - 09/08/06

Energy Campaigners welcome Joan Ruddock MP’s support for Climate Change Bill - 31/07/06

- 11/07/06

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