Mountains of Flowers: Kids Update

I’ve had a busy few months, that’s my excuse for not writing on here in so long!



The house has never looked better than it has done today – I’ve spent months working on it.


With the kids moved out and in the working world, I’ve found myself with more and more time on my hands on a daily basis. Nige has been on the road too, he works so hard that it feels like I barely see him anymore. His side of the bed’s been slept in so little lately that the sheets never get touched, they remain smooth, white and clean. The little groove that he made from years of sleeping on his side is also starting to disappear, making me feel even lonelier at night.


If you’re wondering where my kids are at the moment, then I’ll give you an update: Tom lives all the way up in Scotland, he studied Geography at Birmingham Uni, but ended up part-owning a farm with his Wife in the Highlands. They invited me up a few weeks ago to see the grand children, but I told them I was too busy. Nige will be back any day now and I need to keep his side of the bed clean, not to mention the rest of the house.



Elspeth’s doing awfully well in the Art business. She’s always been such a dab hand at drawing but now she’s got so good that she’s making a living out of it. She lives up in London and, although she always reads my blog and sends me little messages, we never really get the chance to chat. It’s OK, I still remember being her age and being so excited about life and all of it’s many possibilities. Of course, at the age of 25 I’d already had my three kids and settled down to a happily hectic life with Nige, but I still remember that unflappable feeling of optimism that fluttered in my heart.


Lastly, there’s June. People always say that the middle child is the most difficult, but in truth June has never been difficult. I see her more than any of my other children – I could never say that she’s my favourite, but I do know that at the moment I’m definitely closest with her. It’s been a real relief having her here in the house for the last few weeks – she’s been helping out so much with the house that she’s even moved back into her old room! I always thought I’d be glad to have my kids out in the big wide world, doing their wonderful jobs, but I must admit it’s nice to have some company – just whilst Nige is away on his little business trip.



The house is really smelling wonderful at the moment. I’d like to take all of the credit for it, but in truth there’s been such a huge influx of flowers recently that it’s hard to find a place to put them all! So many cards as well, with these odd little messages in. I really don’t feel like I deserve all of this attention, it’s not like it’s been my birthday or anything.


Still – the house has never looked (or smelled) so glorious, Nige will be so pleased when he gets back.

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