There are so many points of contention around the political spectrum at this current point in current time they seem to be particularly present…

…particularly violent, and particularly extreme.


It seems to me that large swathes of the population feel completely alienated from the political establishment, a lot of people feel (and they are probably right to feel like this) that those in the political establishment have become completely disconnected from what is supposed to be there role, who they are supposed to represent, why they are there in the first place.

They have become so immersed in the push and pull of their world that they are now off it, just another cog in the endless sludging of power and hegemony.



H Clinton and other banking/political elites breaking ground on the new Goldman Sachs building in 2005


They’re right. These people are very, very much completely disconnected from everything. They’re not making the world a better place. They’re not doing anything.


So: To whom do we turn?

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