In Praise Of That Not So Often Praised: Warrington And It’s Orangeries

Does mass media and global communication bring us closer together?

Does it tend to turn our eyes toward interesting and surprising places? Does it really expand our horizons?


It’s really difficult to say. I fear that whilst it means we are all there looking, there is not a desperate diversity in what we are looking at.


The eyes of the world point in only a few directions. There is a short list of that which is being looked at and a long list of those doing the looking. We look at America, at New York, we look at Rhianna, we look at Facebook, we look at the rich and the famous, we look at London, we look at Syria. But do our eyes turn to places that we would not turn without the internet? Not on a mass scale. Not really.


They don’t often turn to Warrington…




But it’s an interesting place. 20 miles East of Liverpool and 16 miles West of Manchester, it nestles between these two beasts of the North and quietly goes about its business in relative peace. Originally settled by the Romans, as it was a vital crossing point on the river Mersey and then resettled by the Saxons, Warrington became an important market town due to its location at the lowest bridging point of the River Mersey.


It is due to this period of boom that Warrington developed its own style of textile and tool production, a tradition which stretches forward to this day. Warrington was the host to the countries first Ikea. Warrington hosts one of the countries most extravagant swing bridges:



Warrington was the first place to field a candidate from the Social Democrat party. The first MMR vaccine ever to be administered in the whole country was administered in Warrington. And then there’s the Orangeries. In Warrington Orangeries are, for some reason, a super big deal. A super big deal. They’re everywhere and they are quite excessive. The array of Orangeries in Warrington is really something. It’ll blow your mind right of its head place.


Go check them out RIGHT NOW.

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