Finsa Floors Deck Ol’ Rudders Out…

‘What’s under foot Legolas?’


‘Why, I barely feel anything…’


‘Indeed you wouldn’t, we are walking on air old friend’



‘How can that be?’


‘Well if you forget where you’re walking Legolas, anything can happen…’


What’s under your feet, old friend? Is it mud and dirt? Is it a thick rich carpet? Are your toes tickled by fur? IS it flat and hard? Is it rough and difficult? Do your feet sink into a softness? Is it wood? Is it rock? What is it? Well for me it is now wood, fine pure and beautiful wood.¬†Under every step. I take my shoes of and my socks off and I walk across the cool wood floor underneath my feet and I groan with pleasure. I moan and groan and shiver with pleasure. I just really, really love it.


There is something very nice and lovely about bare feet on a wooden floor. I like how it’s cool and refreshing and relaxing. Like the other side of the pillow on a Sunday morning.


Bare feet on a fresh oak floor,


Sit tight and see us,


New life breathed into old wood,


held strong by time and wise hands,


Laid flat and steady,


Trusty wood, Strong wood,


Fresh Oak,


Under bare feet.

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